Day 10- Aquila Game Drive/ Long Street

We had an amazing time at Aquila Game Reserve for the whole day. We were treated to good food, some took advantage of the spa amenities offered, and most of all, the ability to be close (but not too close) and observe some of the most adored animals on the planet. We were really lucky to see most of the animals quite clearly, especially the elephants and giraffes. Our tour guide also made perfect timing so that we could get a glimpse at the lions before they took their naps between rocks. Our animated tour guide would explain the ages of each animal, how long their gestation periods were, and then often another fun fact. Once we did get to the lions, he briefly explained that the lions were rescued from canned hunting, but I believe that there were rescue overtures for all the animals. Unfortunately, such magestic and prized animals are often hunted down for “sport,” which has left too many animal species endangered. Therefore, without meaning too, our tour guide explained how their game reserve was not primarily about making money off safaris, although money is always involved, but rather about perserving animal life. People often critique any form of captivity for wild animals, which is understandable, especially with our tendancy to humanize animals, but places like Aquila have to encage these animals in order to protect them from humans. It doesn’t seem to have a complete win-win option. Nonethless, I was memorized by the animals and I loved the facilities at Aquila. 
I also went out with some of the group to a place called Long Street, which is basically just a long strip of shopping, restaurants, and bars. It is a highly culturally concentrated area as, for example, one block could encompass African, Eastern, and Irish themes. As I love to dance, we were looking out for the best music options at each place. Often in the United States, house music, or some would call it EDM, is associated with white people rather than black. Therefore, it was interesting to notice that in this area of South Africa the places white people would gravitate towards would be playing Western rap and hip hop while places black, colored, etc. were going would be playing some form of house music, sometimes including songs I was familiar with from the States. In order to step out of our Western world, we decided to go to a place that was predominately playing South African house music. It was a perfect choice and we had a great time!


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